Friday, February 21, 2014

Nothing but Reading Challenges - Book Buffs’ Battleship

Book Buffs’ Battleship hosted by Nothing but Reading Challenges on Goodreads.

DURATION: This will be a month-long team challenge starting Friday, March 7th and ending Friday, April 4th. It is a simplified version of the popular game Battleship.

The size of each team will depend on the number of players joining. (We’re guessing there will probably be between four to six players per team.)

RULES: You must be able to read a book a week to participate in this challenge. If you cannot commit to at least one book a week, please do not sign-up for this challenge.

PAGE COUNT: Books read must be 160 pages or more in length, as determined by the most popular edition posted on GRs. Audiobook are fine. Please, no graphic novels.

GENRES & CARDS: Each team will be given a card like the following one, indicating y axis (letters) and x axis (numbers).:

The twenty-five genres listed below will be placed randomly by the Mods of NBRC and will be different for each team.

Each Team Captain will be messaged their team’s card and they will need to forward it to their team members, or even better, set up their own GRs group to discuss their strategy. If your profile is set to private, you will need to be friends with your Team Captain and the Mod Account.

DO NOT share your card with other teams!

A new card will be offered to a team half way through the competition, at which time the team may decide to stick with the original or use the new one. This decision must be made before a challenging team makes their call on a receiving teams’ board.
1. BA = Biography/Autobiography
2. CL = Chick Lit
3. CS = Classics
4. CO = Contemporary (generally after World War II)
5. C = Crime
6. CBS = Current Best Seller
7. FY = Fantasy
8. F = Fiction
9. HF = Historical Fiction
10. HY = History
11. H = Horror
12. HU = Humorous /Humor
13. MC = Mystery - Cozy
14. MH = Mystery – Historical
15. NA = New Adult
16. NF = Non Fiction
17. P = Paranormal
18. RC = Romance - Contemporary
19. RH = Romance - Historical
20. SF = Science Fiction
21. SI = Spirituality / Inspirational
22. S = Suspense
23. T = Thriller
24. UF = Urban Fantasy
25. YA = Young Adult
 This sounds interesting, I am looking forward to get going March 7th.

My main genres:
7. FY = Fantasy
17. P = Paranormal
20. SF = Science Fiction
24. UF = Urban Fantasy
25. YA = Young Adult

Books read:
  1. Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs   
  2. For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison  
  3. A Clockwork Christmas by J.K. Coi, P.G. Forte, Stacy Gail, Jenny Schwartz  
  4. Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs 

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