Sunday, August 18, 2013

Author Alphabet Reading Challenge

Author Alphabet Reading Challenge hosted by Nothing But Reading Challenges.

Goal: Going from A - Z, and using authors’ first or last names, read the alphabet. For "X" and "Z" you may use authors with those hard to find letters in their names. Unless, of course, you're a ‘purist.’

Yes, you may use an author twice, once with their first name, and again with their last.

Duration: You set the pace.

My goal is to finish this challenge in one year. My finish date will be 17th of August 2014.

24/26 books read

A: Richard Adams: Watership Down (finished 25th of August 2013) 
B: Jeanette Battista:  Leopard Moon (finished 11th of November 2013)
C: Raymond Chandler: The Big Sleep (finished 12th of September 2013)
D: Debora Geary: An Unlikely Witch  (finished 1st of January 2014)
E: Edward Abbey: Desert Solitaire (finished 28th of September 2013)
F: Ken Follett: Eye of the Needle (finished 17th of October 2013)
G: Alan Garner: The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen (finished 4th of September 2013)  
H: Jack Hamlyn: Necrophobia (finished 26th of September 2013)
I: Ilona Andrews: Magic Bites  (finished 15th of November 2013)
J: Sophie Jordan: Firelight (finished 21st of September 2013)
K: Ashley L. Knight: Fathom (finished 26th of August 2013) 
L: Charles de Lint: Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection (finished 28th of September 2013)
M: Carolyn Mackler: Vegan, Virgin, Valentine (finished 18th of September 2013)
N: Neal Shusterman: Unwind (finished 20th of August 2013)
O: Olivia Hardin: Bitten Shame (finished 10th of September 2013)
P: Brenda Pandos: Everblue (finished 29th of August 2013)  
Q: Quindlen, Anna: Blessings (finished 11th of August 2014)
R: Anne Rice: The Vampire Lestat (finished 2nd of September 2013) 
S: Scott Stanford: Dorothy: The Darker Side of Oz (finished 23rd of August 2013)
T: Eric Thomas:
DRT  (finished 6th of October 2013)
U: Lisa Unger: Heartbroken 
V: Veronica Rossi: Under the Never Sky (finished 17th of October 2013)
W: Jane Wenham-Jones: One Glass Is Never Enough (finished 5th of September 2013)
X: Xinran: Himmelbegravelsen (Sky Burial) (finished 11th of January2014)
Y: Yann Martel: Life of Pi (finished 19th of August 2013)
Z: Zane, Jennifer: Gnome on the Range (finished 10th of August 2014)

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