Thursday, August 7, 2014

Winter's End by Clarissa Cartharn

When young widow, Emma Winston leaves her life in London with her two children for the quieter Breakish in the Isle of Skye, all she wants is a simple life. And for a while, she thinks she has it.
That is until she meets the mysterious Mrs Kinnaird who suddenly feels that Emma might make the ideal bride for her wealthy playboy grandson, Chris Cameron- a man who holds his own dark secrets.
Further still, when Emma's brother-in-law, Richard Winston follows her to Skye to tell her he loves her, Mrs Kinnaird manipulates all her power to keep Richard away from Emma.
Will Emma finally let go of her past and learn to follow her heart?
From Goodreads.

I liked this, it was a quick cosy read. Emma seems to be a bit of a pushover but that could be because of her previous marriage that wasn't that happy. I liked the manipulative Mrs. Kinnaird and her two servants. Neither the brother-in-law Richard or Mrs. Kinnaird's grandson Chris were very nice. Of course it all ends happily. It got the fourth Polar bear because the setting was the Isle of Skye.

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  1. Not too much for romance, but this does sound like a quick enjoyable read and the setting of course is wonderful!